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Q. How does it work?
A. SoundPrint has combined several world leading technologies to create this unique and bespoke solution. Using a central studio and servers, we are able to deliver compiled and profiled music content to anywhere in the country at predetermined intervals. We create the playlists, including all ad spots or clients requests and send them via the web or GPRS to installed hardware units in your store. These then plug into your PA system as an auxiliary unit and the content is played. Updates happen at predetermined time and at night to ensure that no down time is experienced during your trading times. The result is a unified and consistent experience for your customers whilst creating audio touch points and nostalgia for your brand.

Q. What is the benefit of the service?
A. Not only does it unify your brand experience for customers by delivering a consistent experience to your customers across all your stores or outlets, it also creates audio recognition for your brand. What do we mean? International research has shown music evokes nostalgia and brand recall. Many brands are using well known artists and tracks for this very reason. The result is that customers associate music with a certain brand or experience, for business to take control fo this process is to create another touch point for their own recognition, not to mention a better customer experience!

Q. Can I create my own content?
A. With thorough consultation, based on years of experience in the world of consumers and their reaction to music, we are able to tailor make a solution that is unique to your store or business, no-one else carries the same content. This content is not only created to ensure your brand communication is accurate, but it is also created by profiling your consumers and desired consumers ensuring that the content is relevant to both brand and customer. This content can include ads for both your business, but also for suppliers to your business, creating an additional revenue stream.

Q. What is the turn around time?
A. Depending on the number stores or outlets in your business, we are able to produce content, install the necessary hardware etc within a month of signing the minimum 24 month contract.

Q. Is it legal?
A. Absolutely. You, the customer are still required to pay for your outlets SAMRO fees and any other related fees, but from there, all aspects are managed by SoundPrint. All costs are carried by SoundPrint in the monthly fees. These fess include all servicing of the hardware, all music purchases (legally, no copied or pirated music will find its way into your business), SAMRO artists royalties etc.